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Sanzhi Pod City

lecture on the mantis population in Sanzhi Pod City, by Benjamin Bratton.

The Anthropocene

video of a recent lecture by philosopher Bruno Latour on the notion of the Anthropocene, and its many meanings and ambiguities.


Internet of Things

Imagining the Internet of Things - blogpost on Nesta's website,  an introduction to what the IoT might entail.

Smart City

review of Anthony Townsend's book Smart Cities, by Michael Batty, Professor at University College London, and chair of Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), a unit of The Bartlett.

A thorough review of Adam Greenfield’s ‘Against the Smart City’ on

What is a Platform?

Tarleton Gillespie's influential article ‘The Politics of Platforms’, in which he traces the origins of the new use of the term platform in connection to social media platforms.


Bruce Sterling on ‘The Stacks’, vertically integrated social media platforms.

Embodiment and Artificial Intelligence

Matej Hoffman en Rolf Pfeifer on embodiment and artificial intelligence: ‘The Implications of Embodiment for Behavior and Cognition.’

TED Talk

A TED Talk by Benjamin Bratton: 'What's Wrong with TED Talks'?